Welcome to OvGME Official Homepage

OvGME is a free and open source standalone Mod Manager based on the idea and concept of the old well known JSGME, it take the GME acronym from JSGME which stands for Generic Mod Enabler. The main purpose of OvGME is to provide an easy way enable and disable mods with automatic backup mechanism.

It works by comparing the destination folder file tree with the given mod file tree, then identifies what files to replace, add and save as backup. OvGME also provides tools to create or convert mods according standard archicture for an enhanced managment and full support for multiple configuration in GUI, so you do not need anymore to edit several configuration files or shortcuts to manager several softwares.

What is a "Mod" ? Mod stands for 'Modification'. This is usualy some game or software files modified or added by users to modify the content, behavior or graphical aspects of a game or a software. Since a mod usually replaces originales files of a software, you should backup the originale files, copy the mod's files in the right place, then restore the original files if you don't want to use the mod anymore. these tasks quickly become boring and dangerous when you have to manage several mods with a complexe file tree. This is why a Mod Manager is a big help.

OvGME Key Features